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Acupuncture is the use of very fine needles inserted into the body to produce a therapeutic action.  It directs harmonious flow within the body, allowing the individual to heal from injury and illness, and prevent further disease.  It addresses the mind, body and spirit as a unified whole to effect deep and lasting change. 

Conditions we treat.


As a holistic medicine, acupuncture can be highly effective in addressing both symptoms and the underlying cause of disease.  This helps to ensure lasting change and long-term resolution of your condition.   We address a variety of concerns, including:

Stress Management

PTSD & Trauma

Addictions Recovery

Pain Conditions

Grief & Loss


Allergies & Asthma

Post-surgical Recovery

Digestive Disorders

Cold & Flu

Menstrual Disorders and Infertility

Health Maintenance

What to expect at your first appointment.

An initial consult will take about  and hour and a quarter, while follow-ups are typically 60 minutes.  Jen will ask questions about any major health concerns as well as your overall health.  Feeling the pulse, examining the tongue, and abdominal palpation are all diagnostic tools.  After the needles are inserted, you get to relax for  about 45 minutes, while hands-on energy- work (Reiki, Medical Qi Gong) are incorporated.  This reinforces the beneficial effects of acupuncture, and allows us to customize the treatment. For those who are needle-sensitive or needle phobic,  Reiki is also available as a standalone treatment.  The session is typically closed out with a few minutes of Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage), to anchor the session and relax areas of tension.  

Please prepare for your appointment by wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.  Be sure to eat and drink plenty of water prior to your appointment.


Stream-line your first appointment by completing the following intake paperwork in advance, and bringing it to the initial consult.




A little history.


Acupuncture is part of a complete medical system based on Chinese medical theory, which has been developed and refined for over 2000 years.  This theory extends to guide dietary, lifestyle and activity choices, all of which fall into our practice.  The use of small diameter, solid needles minimizes the invasiveness and discomfort while allowing the practitioner to promote balance within the body.

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