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We customize our treatments to the specific needs of each patient as they walk through the door.  Patients are re-evaluated at the beginning of each session to ensure the greatest benefit.  No two days are the same, and our individualized treatments reflect this. 



Insertion of single-use, pre-sterilized needles into the body to effect a therapeutic action.  The use of small diameter, solid needles minimizes invasiveness and discomfort while allowing the practitioner to promote balance within the body.  This restores and maintains health, supports the body in recovery from injury and illness, and promotes a sense of relaxation and wellness.


A hands-on form of energy manipulation which harmmonizes the internal systems of the body.  It approaches the mind and body as a whole, to move beyond imbalances.  This strengthens the individual's ability to heal and withstand damage.


Suction is created in either glass or plastic cups on fleshy areas of the body.  Much like massage, it helps to release muscular adhesions and increasess circulation to the tissue.  Cups can be applied in either stationary or moving techniques.



Traditional Chinese massage techniques.  These techniques work on the muscular and connective tissue levels to reinforce proper alignment of skeletal structures.   By releasing tension and correcting alignments, it allows freer, more comfortable movement.  It also creates space for the internal organ systems to function more effectively, improving overall health.

Gua Sha

A technique with similar therapeutic applications as cupping.  A smooth ceramic tool is scraped across the skin to release connective tissue or muscular adhesions, allowing increased blood flow to nourish body tissues in the region.

Couple Doing Yoga Pose
Couples' Sessions​​


This is our newest addition!  Collaborate with a partner on the healing process, with simultaneous acupuncture & energy work sessions.  In additions to supporting each other on the personal healing journey, it is a great way to engage deep, clear connection. 

Qi Gong & Yoga

Movement is an important part of healthy living.  By working to correct alignments, the body regains balance and achieves a greater degree of function.  These techniques give patients a powerful tool take charge of the healing process.

Eastern Dietary Therapy

Food is medicine, and can be a critical part of the healing process.  Explore how your diet is impacting your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Make dietary choices that work for your specific body and needs. 


ACUPUNCTURE SESSIONS: includes acupuncture, Reiki, and any other modalities that support your wellness goals.

Individual Session: $85 (initial session or follow-up)

Three-Session Package: $225


60-minutes: $85

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