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You need to feel your best to work your best- and so does your horse!  Whether you're training to compete, struggling with injury or looking to deepen the connection with your equine partner our treatments can help improve your next ride.  Jen's experience as a rider gives her insights into the specific challenges that face both you and your horse. 

Equine Reiki


This hands-on technique can promote healing, benefit attentiveness and calm nerves in a non-invasive way.  It balances the body systems to support overall wellbeing, and improve performance.  Combined with mobilizations, and the fundamental principals of acupuncture, it can assist the horse who is


Stiff, Sore or Achy

Recovering from Injury or Illness

High-strung, Nervous or Distracted

or for Health Maintenance.


Invest in your horse's health to invest in your performance.  Your horse will thank you.


Mobilization Exercises


You and your horse are both atheletes.  Stretching and mobilization work to


Repair Damage,

Balance Development,

and Prevent Injury


It can show areas of weakness and restriction, which hold you back while you ride.  Our sessions help correct this, and give you tools to continue the process in between treatments.  This will often include gait analysis, allowing us to customize a movement sequence to meet the needs of your horse and your goals as a rider. 

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