​​Your wellness is our priority.  The journey toward superior health is unique for each person.  With our diverse modalities and patient-centered care, we can help you move through the challenges that accompany healing and growth.  Our focus on patient education and self-care will put you back in control of your own wellness, and support you in long-term health maintenance.


Health care is a team effort, and we're on your side!  We can support the work being done at your doctor's office, and by other alternative health care providers.


Offering Acupuncture, Reiki, traditional Chinese massage techniques, Eastern dietary therapy, Qi Gong/Yoga excercises and a variety of other therapies, we cater to your individual needs.  Whether you're stressed out, in pain, or just want to find a greater degree of wellness- we can help! Find more info on what acupuncture treats in our About Acupuncture page, or contact us with any questions!


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